Support Groups

San Diego Addiction Treatment Group for Adolescents

Substance abuse treatment group for adolescents ages 12-17
Every Friday from 7-8:15pm
Pre-registration is required and a one-time individual appointment to assess for the level of substance abuse and the appropriateness of participating in the group.

The group is geared toward helping adolescents who are using or abusing substances become educated about the effects and impact mood-altering substances have on their minds and bodies. They will learn how to navigate the stresses of life by using new healthy tools that will empower them and teach them how to engage in healthy activities that do not include drugs, vape, tobacco or alcohol.

Adolescents will have a safe place to process their feelings, as well as learn how to abstain from all mood-altering substances.

Call us at (858) 226-1873 to RSVP for the San Diego Adolescents Substance Abuse Treatment Group.

Group Location
7734 Herschel Ave, Suite D
La Jolla, California, 92037

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