Counseling Services in La Jolla, California

I am a New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and a California Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a specialty in treating substance abuse disorders and utilizing EMDR / EFT forms of therapy. I work with people from all walks of life at my counseling practice in La Jolla, California, along with Skype and Telehealth sessions from the comfort of home. I offer a compassionate, non-judgmental, confidential environment where an individual can feel safe expressing themselves.

I utilize traditional and non-traditional approaches to helping individuals resolve personal conflicts that have a negative impact on their daily lives. Unresolved issues can hold a person back from reaching their full potential. I help people overcome the obstacles that prevent them from living a happy fulfilling life.

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With the assistance from my therapist, Antoniella, I feel like I received a new lease on life. I was in a very tough spot emotionally over the last year, but she helped me cope with my issues and I’ve come out stronger.

Larry K.
Former Patient